Bug fixes that involve “war”

fix the issue That when is war declared against a nation the armies do not be sent out especially the humans, most cases the humans lose a town or more before attacking are sending out the army to fight. Could you make it a way where when war is the Clared they send out the army immediately and then give it time to resend another And could you fix the issue when the army is being sent out in the retreating and not finishing the task of fighting. I think this usually occurs when the general dies And goes up to another general in the general retreats but since this update generals be running into the enemies Town but retreat before getting there. Could you bring back the water replacing the grass or even the swamp because the swamp is pretty hard to keep there when it gets burnt are blown up. Allow the rain to put back the land Biome it was before it got burnt are blown up. “That’s all ty for make the best World box Simulator dev team”

Need More Info Suggested by: FadedDarkNinja Upvoted: 01 Jul Comments: 2

Comments: 2

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